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Start the journey of your company and/or project on the internet with a brilliant name, a great page, and with our 100% free data privacy service.

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All the domains registered with Servidores Activos include:

Free Who is protection
All our domains include who's free protection, preventing internet users from seeing your data when they consult the data of who registered the domain
DNS Management
Manage the DNS of your domain according to your needs, we do not set limits, you are the one who has total control over it, and of course, if you need any help, here we are.
Domain Locking
With our protection service we guarantee that you will avoid transferring your domain to a third party by mistake or intentionally, without your prior authorization.
Automatic renewal
Kind of forgetful? Activate the option of automatic renewal and do not worry anymore about renewal dates of your domain, remember, even Microsoft forgot once to renew the domain of Hotmail.
Domain Redirection
Did you change your name? Are you going to put your website on maintenance for a few moments? With us you can easily redirect your domain to another address or even use a parking page to let people know you are in maintenance.
Automatic registration
No more waiting for hours to activate your domain, with us your domain is activated immediately the payment is complete, so that you can put your website in production in a matter of minutes!
We have dozens of domains TLD', allowing you to register the name you want for your company, from the most popular .com, to the more fancies .tv, .travel, .guru, .art, .be, .love, .cool, and even more!